Speeches for managers and leaders

– A successful culture is characterized by a straightforward and clear communication that is based on respect and trust, says Stefan, who specializes in helping leaders engage and motivate employees for new successes. With humor and enthusiasm, he passes on a desire for change and development.

Several magazines rank Stefan as one of Sweden’s best speakers. For over twenty-five years as a speaker, trainer and change leader, Stefan has built up a broad and solid competence that gives customers added value, both at shorter and longer engagement.

Stefan Görwik speaks about:

  • Coaching leadership – how to build a responsible culture with focus on results
  • Changes – how we get to everyone on the journey of change to new successes
  • Communicative leadership – when everyone knows what, why and how the goals are achieved, efficiency is created
  • Successful teams – how to strengthen the cooperation and the team spirit in and between teams
  • Commitment – how we create motivation and high performance for better results

The speeches are customized and can be combined with workshops. Participants get practical tools that help them develop and reach their goals.

Stefan lectures in both Swedish and English. He also does longer trainings and change programs. Here you can read more about Stefan’s consulting services:  www.gorwik.se.

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“With Stefan’s enthusiastic and dynamic way of speaking, he gave us all a positive boost. He is a great motivator and inspired us to go from thoughts to action. Thank you Stefan”

Mats Jentzen, Sales director, Dell

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