About Stefan Görwik

Read more about Stefan and the methods and pedagogical tools that he uses in his seminars. Stefan always adjusts the content of his assignments based on the customer’s needs and requests.

How does Stefan lecture?

To create a positive and inspiring educational environment, Stefan often use humor in his lectures.

The theories presented are based on research from universities and colleges and his own experiences and studies.

Stefan use the pedagogy “learning by doing” or “action learning”. The benefits are many; it creates participation, commitment and provides long-term learning effects by using several senses at the lecture time.

The workshop methodology that Stefan uses can easily be adapted to different topics and themes. He facilitates workshops for both small and large groups up to several hundred participants.

With storytelling, Stefan creates vivid and multi-sensory images so that the learning points persist over time.

Participants are offered models and user-friendly tools for areas such as motivation, communication, feedback, problem solving, conflict management, improved collaboration, commitment and leadership.

The participants get inspiring and fun examples of success from Stefan’s own and others’ experiences that give the participants new perspectives and insights.

It is important to be aware of the customer’s reality so that the seminar is relevant to the participants and they can bring useful skills back to work, says Stefan. He is always committed and can be a tough and humble driver at the same time.

Stefan's background

Brief background:
For more than 25 years, Stefan has worked as a speaker, trainer and change leader. Prior to starting his own business, he worked at four major international educational companies. Stefan is passionate about helping leaders, employees and organizations find solutions to their needs and challenges.

Longer background:
Stefan was born in Blekinge, a small county in the south of Sweden, he moved to Stockholm after military service and started a career in sales at one of Sweden’s largest newspaper (Svenska Dagbladet). After that he got the dream job at the music company CBS Records. He stayed there for five years as a sales person and promotion manager.

His mentor, Sven Möller Andersen, inspired Stefan to resume his studies. He moved and studied statistics and economics at Lund University and thereafter marketing at IHM Business School in Stockholm.

The following employments at ILOL (Institute for Leadership and Profitability) and Motivationskonsult (Motivation Consultants) became two great experiences. Then he moved to Santa Monica, California where he worked within sales for two years.

Back in Stockholm Stefan start to work as a seminar leader. First with the international known training company Wilson Learning’s portfolio of sales and leadership training. After that he worked with several of the world’s most used training concepts for another three educational companies, before he founded his own consultant business.

Stefan introduced “Action Learning” in Sweden in the beginning of nineties and it was a great success. This concept combines theoretical training sessions with experiential exercises. Sweden’s largest media companies as Dagens Nyheter, Dagens Industri, TV4 and Swedish Public Television have written and made reportage about Stefan’s successful seminars.

Today Stefan work as a motivational speaker, trainer and change leader. The international company ABB booked a seminar with Stefan for their top management team. This extended to a five years engagement with thousands of the company’s employees. In ABB’s book “Growing with Changes”, one chapter is dedicated to Stefan and his contributions to the company’s successful change.

Stefan is certified and trained within Presentation Skills, Personal Leadership, Practical Teambuilding, Situational Leadership II and V, Counselor Selling, Communication and Social Style Profiles (colors), Understanding Groups and Leaders (UGL), Personal development through Personal efficiency.

Topics and languages
Stefan speaks and educates in areas such as:
Communication, Leadership, Employeeship, Collaboration, Motivation, Team building, Change, Goal setting, Attitudes, Responsibility, Motivation, Commitment and Happiness at Work.
Stefan gives speeches in both Swedish and English (he has lived in and worked for many years in USA).
Consulting – Business Improvements
Stefan also takes consultancy assignments within change management. Read more: www.businessimprovements.se.
Stefan Görwik

Motivational speaker, trainer and consultant