Why the customers are satisfied?

“Stefan Görwik is a very dedicated and competent speaker who through valuable experiences brought insights and enthusiasm. He delivered exactly what we asked for”

Anders Bergqvist
Manager, Vattenfall Power Consultant


“For eight hours we were inspired and empowered by Stefan! So many eye-openers and practical tools to use. We loved it and want more”

Monika Högberg
Astra Zeneca


“We engage Stefan as a speaker and leadership coach. He always gives 100% and motivate managers and employees in an uplifting way. Stefan creates positive results, therefore, I highly recommend him”

Anders Tholerud
HR Manager, Scania


“With Stefan’s enthusiastic and dynamic way of speaking, he gave us all a positive boost. He is a great motivator and inspired us to go from thoughts to action. Thank you Stefan”

Mats Jentzen
Sales director, Dell


“Thanks Stefan for a fun, fast-paced and great afternoon! All of us 100 participants who listened to you got many laughs, but also something to think about and take back home. As someone said to me afterwards: – A guy with such energy is what we need at the office every now and then to lift us up and create a fighting spirit!”

Birgitta Hultengren
ÅF-Industri & System


“Stefan Görwik’s seminars get both managers and employees to reflect. You learn a lot about different behaviour and increase your understanding of diversity at work. I have engaged Stefan several times both as a speaker and leadership coach, and we’ve had a lot of help from his engagement. I will not hesitate to engage him again”

Eva Sjöstedt-Kairento
Manager, ASIH Bromma


”This is the best seminar I ever been to and Stefan is the most inspiring and captivating speaker I’ve ever listen to”

Lars-Göran Andersson
Folksam Insurance


“After an amazing and inspiring seminar with Stefan Görwik about Happiness at Work, our conference continued to be incredible fun in an atmosphere of a great community”

Monica Lindsten Rooslien
HR Manager, Océ


“Stefan, I want to thank you because during this morning’s workshop you got me back on track and made me feelhappy at work again. It ‘s like I rediscovered something I lost”

Anette Karlsson
Manager, Mariestads kommun


“Stefan is a dynamic trainer who in an pedagogical way coach our employees both in Sweden and internationally. Our work together with Stefan has been going on for four years and we are very pleased with the progress he creates”

Arto Pitkäniemi
Director Human Resources, Atlet


“A tremendous boost for the self-esteem! To discover that my limits is far beyond what I dreamed of. It feels like I got a new dimension of life. Have not felt this good for a long time. Absolutely amazing!”

Lena Rubin
Folksam Insurance


“Stefan, I can hardly express in words what I feel and think about your seminar – it was phenomenal. You are amazing who can keep a large audience’s attention for so many hours – and alone.
You certainly deserv to be called one of Sweden’s best speakers. You have really helped me and my colleagues in many ways – thanks

Margareta Kurki
Manager, Huddinge Kommun


“How should we do and how do we get all the employees to understand why we need to change? The answer was Stefan Görwik, consultant and change expert, who combines theory with practical exercises which puts people at the center. All leaders in top management had heard him speak and tested his action learning course. ABB Infosystems’ CEO Lars-Göran Lemelius said: This must all employees experience!”

From ABB’s book “Growing with Changes”